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"The Basic Photography Course is a provides a broad and yet rather in-depth insights of DSLR photography. Now, whenever I post a photo on my Facebook, I start to receive many "likes". From the course, I have witnessed different generations of photographers and different philosophies, however, all leads to a common idea, that is to shoot a good photo.

Edward Cheong, is a knowledgeable, experienced and passionate instructor. David Low was very generous in teaching me all the different photography techniques during the outdoor night-shooting session. And lastly Steven Yee, the savvy instructor whom we spent most of our time with. His interactive teaching and drills helps us to remember the photography principles easily.
This course not only equip me with the basic photography skills, it also allows me to make a group of like-minded friends..."

Tan Kar Wei, Basic Photography Course (for DSLR and Mirrorless system)

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Getting CONFUSED by all those information and "free courses" in the internet? Fret not, we are here for you, with structured syllabus taught by experienced instructors. We SHORTEN your learning curve and make photography ENJOYABLE for you.

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WELCOME to one of Singapore’s most established photography schools.

Have a camera but not sure how to use it fully? Perhaps you are an enthusiast or professional ready to take your photography to the next level?

At Knowledge Bowl, we are passionate about Photography. Cut through information overload on the internet and find out how our structured & systematic teaching approach has helped over 8000 people discover the joy of photography since 2007.

DSLR, Mirrorless and Digital Compact Camera Users

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Just bought a new camera but not too sure how to use it?
Can’t tell aperture apart from shutter speed? Your camera is capable of doing more beyond Auto mode.
Learn how to harness the full potential of your camera and compose beautiful pictures here.

| Basic Photography Course for DSLR & Mirrorless system - 初级摄影班 |

| Fieldcraft Practical Photography Course |

| Photo Explorer Program |

| Nikon Technical Handling Workshop |

| Guided Photography Shoot


(After Basic Photography Course, or if you have learnt photography)

These courses are for those who have a basic understanding of their camera, are looking to sharpen their creative eye or explore further.
Photographers looking to hone their skills in a particular area will also benefit from our specialized courses

| Flashlight Photography Course - 闪光灯摄影班 |

| Actual Day Wedding Photography Course - 婚礼摄影班 |

| Travel Photography Workshop - 旅游摄影班

Product & Food Photography Course - 食物与产品摄影班

| Outdoor Portraiture Photography Course - 户外人像摄影班 |

| Studio Portraiture Photography Course - 室内灯光人像摄影班

| Artistic Nude Photography Course - 艺术裸体摄影班

| Architecture & Interior Photography Course - 建筑与室内摄影班 |

| Macro Photography Course |


Photoshop can do a lot more than make people look good in magazines and Adobe has more to offer besides Photoshop.
Mastery of post processing can make a dramatic difference to the final look of your photos, regardless of whether you are an amateur or professional.

| Adobe Photoshop CS5/CS6 |

| Adobe Lightroom

| Adobe HDR Workshop


Technology has made it possible to create high quality videos with your DSLR camera.

| Creating Holiday Video Clips from camera |


Check out our special themed workshops

| Fire & Smoke photography |

| Light Painting photography

| Panorama photography

| iPhone photography

| ACDSee Pro 7 Workshop | * new *

| Flower Photography Workshop | * new *


Looking to organize a seminar, workshop or retreat with themes ranging from photography for beginners to motivation and team-building?
Knowledge Bowl will work with you to design a program relevant to your needs. Click here for info

Our chief facilitator is Steven Yee, who holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Bachelor of Engineering and is also a Fellow of esteemed Royal Photographic Society of UK.


“To photograph is to hold one's breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. It's at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy.”
― Henri Cartier-Bresson, of the greatest photographers in modern times

Photography is one of the most popular hobbies in the world and at Knowledge Bowl, we know this joy well. After all, we are passionate about photography ourselves and want to share this passion with more people in a way that is SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE and FUN.

As part of the Sandven Group of training centers, our award-winning instructors regularly conduct courses, seminars and workshops specially structured to meet the needs of different photography lovers ranging from professionals to enthusiasts, students and beginners.

Our classes include:

  • Beginner Level Courses for those who are new or have little experience.
  • Intermediate Level Courses for those who want to refine their skills further.
  • Customized Private/Corporate/Institutional Classes for individuals, groups, companies and institutions. Please get in touch with us here to find out more.

The world of photography can be overwhelming to the uninitiated, especially with a flood of information on the internet. We are here to help you shorten the learning curve, make sense of the theories and more importantly, offer practical ideas from professionals in actual shooting situations during our guided shoots.

We know personalized attention matters so we keep our classes small. Besides interacting with instructors, we also encourage group discussions and peer-learning among participants.
More than 8000 students have walked through our doors since 2007, some of whom have since gone professional. With a proven track record, we remain committed to inspiring others to take up and enjoy this lifelong hobby.

Click here to harness the full potential of your camera and your imagination today!


Our classes are conducted at 3 dedicated different facilities in the same building in order to cater to different class needs. Find out how to get here.

Our training failities (clockwise from left): classroom with 27 pax capacity, classroom with 12 pax capacity, seminar room with 100 pax capacity, fully equipped studio

A well structured & systematic teaching approach to close the education gap,
no more confusion from all those free information in the internet

"Engaging, Entertaining, Educational, Excellent...Humorous!!! Making Learning less Tiring and lots of Fun"
- participant Elijah Lim

"I have enjoyed the Basic Photography Course. I was total zero with photography and clueless on how to use the DSLR, but after the basic course, I managed to understand photography. The lessons are interactive, the instructors are great and I enjoyed the discussion sessions and companionship of my group mates. Now I no longer use AUTO mode and what's in store for me is a world of fun in photography."
-- Marilyn Low , Basic Photography Course (for DSLR & Mirrorless system)

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